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Urban Barcode Project
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Biodiversity & trade
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Does the Same Type of Mold Grow on Different Types of Bread When Found in Similar Environment?
Jody Peedikayil, Sandra Zdunczyk
High School for Health Professions and Human Services, Queens
Rocheli Apilan


This investigation aims to test if different molds will appear on different types of breads that are placed in two types of environment. We will be placing one set of flat bread, loaf bread, and biscuit bread in a warm environment. Then after the molds appear on each sample of the breads, we will be using the methodology provided by the DNA Barcoding Lab 101, to sequence each mold that appears on the bread. The results will allow us to identify the molds and be able to compare their similarities or differences in appearnce. Then we will repeat these steps again for a set of the same types of bread but in a much colder environment. The goal of this research project is that the breads appeared on the molds are different. With this information the least dangerous mold and the longevity of the bread can be taken in account, and now bread buyers will start to buy that certain type of bread for their own use. But if the results contradict our goals then it can still be taken into account to


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