Authentic Student Biological Research

Barcoding biodiversity around us.

DNA Learning Center DNA barcoding programs enable high school students and teachers to gain an intuitive understanding of the interdependence between humans and the natural environment, while increasing knowledge, confidence, and interest in science through independent research. The DNALC provides training, equipment, materials, and infrastructure to support their efforts.

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Specimen Database

The Specimen Database is a searchable collection of documented organisms from DNALC DNA barcoding programs. Specimens are catalogued with available taxonomic, habitat, and DNA barcode sequence information, with photographs and additional metadata collected by teams.

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Student Research Programs

Involving NYC and LI high school students in independent, student-driven research that uses DNA barcoding to study biodiversity.

DNA Barcoding 101: Lab

Introduction, protocol, and supporting resources for using DNA barcoding to identify plants or animals—or products made from them.


Online tools, animations, videos, presentations, and references that support student and teacher participants.