Allergies are the Pits
Stone Fruits are Nuts
  • Ellie Berger, Dodie Weinberg, Shlomit Ebbin, Kayla Manouel
A Survey of Algal Biodiversity in Ponds in Northern New Jersey
A Survey of Algal Biodiversity in Ponds in Northern New Jersey
  • Lucas Goldman, Isabelle Kang, Alexandra Nelson
  • Tenafly High School
Biodiversity of Morningside Lake
Plant Biodiversity at Morningside Lake
  • Akiria Ford, Chante Johnson, Shahid Muhammed
  • Wadleigh Secondary School
Bloomin' Algae Investigators
Water Pollution and the Use of Protists
  • Rachel Ng, Lauren Mei, Ken Li, Jerin Nln
  • Stuyvesant High School
Biodiversity of Damselflies in Van Courtlandt Park
  • Anabelle Wright, Willa Ferrer, Amir Mustefa
  • Ethical Culture Fieldston School
Dragonflies in Van Courtlant Park
Dragonflies in Van Cortlandt park
  • Avery Lender, Emma Holub
  • Ethical Culture Fieldston
Examining Biodiversity of Plankton in the Hudson River
Examining Biodiversity of Copepods in the Hudson River
  • Katherine Roglieri, Matt Dreyer, Kaitlyn Yeh
  • Tenafly High School
FHHS Rangers
Biodiversity and plants
  • Leotrim Mehmetaj, Tenzin Ghongwatsang, Zinab Mohamed
  • Forest Hills High School
Submerged Vegetation in Van Cortlandt Park
  • Haley Wakoff, Sofia Windmiller
  • Ethical Culture Fieldston School
Proportion of Native and Non-native Plants in the City Center vs. Urban Fringe of NYC
  • Crystal Arnold, Sarah Bacchus, Kai Hutton, Harold Miller
  • Academy for Young Writers
In citrus and in health
“In citrus and in health”: Which citrus fruits are most genetically similar to grapefruits, and how will such potential gene
  • Sophia Baradarian, Chaya Biderman, Adi Nissanian, Bruriah Sloan
  • Yeshiva University High School for Girls
Insect Diversity Team
Diversity of Ants, Beetles and Bees of Kissena Park, Gramercy Park, NY and Central Park, NY
  • Ridwan Kouanda, Zheng Chen, Ian Joel Fernandez, Sarah Aninye
  • Manhattan Comprehensive Night and Day High School
It's a Grape Big World
It's a Grape Big World
  • Sophie Zweibel, Mazal Hassid, Sara Teitelman, Liat Dilamani
JAM Sesh
Van Cortlandt Park Earthworm Barcode Project
  • Max Zalta, Jordan Nathan, Alexander Thorpe
  • Ethical Culture Fieldston
Lawn and Order
Grass Biodiversity
  • Alexandra Josephson, Samantha Frei, Cassie Potter, Harper Lethin
  • Ethical Culture Fieldston School
Lichens III
Correlation Between Nitrogen Compounds and SO2 Air Pollution in Central Park through Lichens and DNA Barcoding
  • Kaitlyn Espiritu, Bryant Lee, Jai Yoon (Daniel) Chang, William Goldman
  • Tenafly High School
Local Mosquito Barcoders
Locally Barcoding Mosquitoes
  • Abdullahnayeem Ibn Mizan, Jethro Cheng, Axel Tolpina, Tahseen Chowdhury
  • Stuyvesant High School
Marine vs. Freshwater Invertebrates
Sea Creatures in New York City
  • Lance Cruz, Anahi Joya, Gregory Francis, Ciel Tejera
  • Sunset Park High School
Does It Have Dong Quai-lity?
  • Bilal Choudhry, Janine Golovanevskiy, Comeal Haider, Sophia Lee
  • Leon M Goldstein HS for the Sciences
NJ2: Life at the Margin
Barcoding Roots to Identify Biodiversity at the Margin of a Small Urban Forest
  • Nathalee Almonte, Jesus Bailon, Julia Martino
  • Hostos-Lincoln Academy
A Comparison of Biodiversity Across NYC Neighborhoods of Different Socioeconomic Status
  • Elizabeth Barrett, Leah Goodwin, Angel Estevez
  • Academy for Young Writers
Pioneers of NYC
The Difference in Genes of Lichens Growing in Different Levels of Air Pollution in NYC
  • Mansi Patel, Alisa Chen, Maryann Foley, Zheng Chen
  • Stuyvesant High School
Plankton Detectives
Mystery Plankton, What Are We Growing?
  • Angelina Dilbaryan, Nikki Curreri, Amna Zia, Kary Williams
  • Rachel Carson High School
Pollock Pros
Pollock Pros
  • Jason Massry, Joey Cohen
  • Magen David Yeshiva
Protist Ponds
Identifying the Composition of Pond Scum in Van Cortlandt Park
  • Ryan Conard, Zander Harpel, David Goldberg, Cormac Thorpe
  • Ethical Culture Fieldston
RIP Harambe
The Biodiversity of Snails in Van Cortlandt Lake
  • Spenser Egnatz, Felix Gottlieb, Lewis Arnsten
  • Ethical Culture Fieldston School
Salt Marsh vs. Temperate Forest Plants
Comparison Of The Plants In A Salt Marsh Ecosystem And Temperate Forest Ecosystem
  • Sabrina Afrose, Brandon Vargas, Isaiah Hilman-Smalls
  • Sunset Park High School
SLM: Life at the Center
Barcoding Roots to Identify Biodiversity at the Center of a Small Urban Forest
  • Mia Estrella, lorianny Rodriguez, Sabrina Salas
  • Hostos-Lincoln Academy
South Bronx Immigrant Plants: Investigation of Invasive Species in St. Mary’s Park
Investigation of Invasive Species in St. Mary’s Park
  • Bryan DeJesus, Joanny Marte, Dejaun Harris, Mayra Arnoat
  • University Heights High School
Team garlic!
New York City Can Keep the Vampires Away: Investigating the Types of Garlic Sold in NYC Supermarkets
  • August Moody, Juliette Lilly, Ginger Atwood, Hailey Aronson
  • Friends Seminary
The Identification of Mushrooms at a Species Level
  • Olivia Rosegarten, Taubenfeld Hannah
  • Columbia Preparatory School
Does car exhaust pollution have an effect on biodiversity?
  • Max Eimbinder, Daniel Lee
  • tenafly HS
The Invertebrates
Invertebrates in the Hudson-Raritan Estuary
  • Cyd Bloomfield, Jacqueline Obermayer
  • Urban Assembly New York Harbor School
The Effect of Water Quality on Lichen Diversity
  • Eliza Brewster, Dexter Kalderon
  • The Masters School
The MOSSters
The Biodiversity of Moss in Three Locations with Varying Degrees of Vehicular Traffic
  • Jessica Dai, Daphne Zhu, Angela Youn, Rebeca Zapiach
  • Tenafly HS
The Plant with the Benefits
The Plant with the Benefits
  • Vivian Kraiem, Frieda Sutton
  • Magen David Yeshiva
The Swell Cells
Studying The Biodiversity of Pond Plants In Central Park
  • Jonathan Kogan, Evan Kong, Dylan Patterson
  • Columbia Prep School
Triple Helix
The Effect of Restoration Projects on the Flora of Highland Park
  • Eirene Fithian, Hayley Fier, Annie Rozenblyum
  • Leon M. Goldstein
Vine Biodiversity In New York
  • Amirah Figueroa, Arham Alrowemeim, Erik Interiano
  • Sunset Park High School
What’s In Your Neighborhood?: St. Mary’s Park Invasive Plants DNA Barcoding Investigation
St. Mary’s Invasive Plants Barcoding Investigation Proposal
  • Andrew Shillingford, Afiwa Afandalo, Yanelly Perez
  • University Heights High School