Barcoding Newtown Creek
Barcoding the Biodiversity of Newtown Creek
  • Katya Naphtali, Bonnie Chen
  • St. Francis College
Bard High School Early College
A Comparative Study of Invertebrate Fauna of an Urban Green Roof and the Ground
  • Rosemary Wang, Hadja Diallo
  • Bard High School Early College
Bees Allergy
Does NYC local honey build tolerance to pollen allergies?
  • Ying Zi (Jessy) Mei, Ariel Kuhl
  • Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Ego William
The Effect of Urbanization on Soil Microbial Community
  • William Kim, Ego Wong
  • Queensborough Community College
Environmental Microbes
Microbial Diversity in Various Environments: Concern for Antibiotic Resistance
  • Henry Lee, Rooshi Parikh
  • Queensborough Community College
High School Microbiome Diversity
Zooming in on the Floor
  • Sevara Mallaboeva, Nasreen Duqmaq
  • Brooklyn College
Finding Mutations In EZH2 And H3K27me3 In Merkel Cell Carcinoma
  • Fawziah Fariha, Genesis De Los Santos
  • Manhattan Center For Science And Mathematics
Interspecific vs. Intraspecific Variation
Relationship between interspecific and intraspecific nucleotide variation
  • Edith Cano, Ashley Zhao
  • American Museum of Natural History
Mercy Microbe Mavericks
Mercy Microbes in Manhattan
  • Joanna Tan, Siyue Zhu
  • Mercy College
Michael Tessler
Parasites in a bird caught far off course
  • Kristina Chen, Anjali Dutt
  • American Museum of Natural History
DNA inventory of indoor species in NYC and their effects on health
  • Anna Mikadze, Kyra Sigh
  • James Madison High School/AMNH
Sidewinders in Southwest America
  • Henry Kates, Nicole Kanzler
  • Baruch College Campus High School
The Invasives
A Comparison of Native and Invasive Plants in Brooklyn and the Bronx, New York
  • Muminakhon Nazarzoda, Diyora Samadova
  • St. Francis College