Barcode Long Island Team M.A.E.
Barcode Long Island
Research Topic:
Taxonomic Group Studied:
Animals: Invertebrate


Barcode Long Island - Argyle Lake Edition
Anna Romero, Elizabeth Wanderman, Meghan Reilly
Babylon Junior-Senior High School, Suffolk
Claire Birone


In this project, aquatic macroinvertebrates are being collected. They were collected from the South-West side of Argyle Lake and the North Memorial Park Pond, in Babylon NY. This location was chosen because of the drain located between the two points. There might be a difference between them because they are physically seperated and the quality of the water may differ. This is relevant because it would show if there is a difference between the organisms found in the two bodies of water. These organisms will be barcoded. First, the macroinvertebrates will be frozen so a sample can be taken from the tissue when the project is ready to be started. After, the sample will be lysed and the DNA will be extracted. Then, the DNA collected will processed and barcoded. Barcoding is a method of sequencing DNA where certain genes are being coded. The project goals are to be able to catalogue the type of macrointerverbretes living in our local environment and to compare these results to other places


Team samples: