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Are You Doing Well -MicroBiome Analysis of Well Water Around Shelter Island
Sarah Lewis, Francesca Frasco
Shelter Island UFSD, Suffolk
Daniel Williams


The water in our homes on Shelter Island often comes from water wells. What we use to wash and drink may have a significant impact on our health. Our Shelter Island Microbiome team plans on examining water wells on Shelter Island from different areas. We plan on examining water from areas that are more populated, more isolated, closer to the town dump, closer to water, areas of higher and lower altitude, heavily forested areas, and a restaurant business. For human health, the results of this microbiome project will attempt to convey the safety of the water for human consumption. If we find that certain elements and microorganisms are beneficial for health, or some are harmful for health, we will be able to show our findings to the public with the goal of improving overall health. We will hopefully be able to make connections on our findings to other findings and known results.


Team samples: