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Biodiversity & trade
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Animals: Invertebrate


Biodiversity of Beetles at Twin Lakes
Margaret Gates, Melanie Volz
Wantagh High School, Nassau
Renee MacDermott


The larvae of a species of beetle known as the Whitespotted Pine Sawyer (Monochamus scutellatus) develop in weakened or dead conifers and the adults feed on diseased or damaged pine trees. When the food source for these beetles is increased, the population will increase as well. So, if an increase in the population of the Whitespotted Pine Sawyer is observed, then there must be an increase in the amount of damaged and diseased conifers in the area. There are many different factors that could cause these trees to become diseased or damaged that would also negatively impact human health such as the amount of rainfall, polluted air, water, or soil, and the amount of chloride in the soil. Our goal is to test to see if these beetles would be a good indicator of harmful environmental conditions. We will collect samples of beetles in the area and see if any Whitespotted Pine Sawyers are present. Next, we will analyze the the chemical composition of the soil. We will test for chloride, nitroge


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