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Barcode Long Island
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Biodiversity & trade
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Aquatic Plant Life Biodiversity in Long Island’s River
Hanna Engelhardt, Madison DiPalo, Allison Kovarik
Eastport-South Manor,
James Ostensen


The focus of our research project is to distinguish and determine biodiversity of plant species in Long Island’s rivers and if these species are indicators of a healthy environment suitable for prosperity. For the project, we collected 13 samples of numerous specimens to be barcoded and analyzed. Through literature review, it has been generally found that some aquatic regions on Long Island are experiencing severe levels of hypoxia and other environmental problems. Through research, we hope to find if any of our collected samples can relate to this servity. Also with research, the similarities of varying aquatic plant species can be observed. Unknown species that were unable to be determined during field work and species collection will be able to be identified during the DNA Barcoding process. Barcoding enables researchers to accurately analyze the genetic similarities, along with differences which can contribute to the discovery of novel species along with similarities among plants


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