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The Effect of Groundwater Plumes on the Biodiversity of Bethpage, Long Island
Kevin Lam, Jeffrey Yu, Priscilla Lee
Roslyn High School, Nassau
Lisa Daniels


This project aims to be a continuation of last year’s project examining the effects of soil contamination and toxic plumes on the level of biodiversity in the Bethpage areas. The chemicals such as TCE and PCB found in the plumes have had been extensively researched regarding human health, but few have investigated the chemical’s effects on the environment and animals (“Environmental”). In last year’s project, we collected data from Bethpage Community Park, our experimental site, and Washington Park, an uncontaminated site. We found that there were no significant differences in the biodiversity and soil contaminant levels of pH, phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen, and mercury. This indicated that the cleanup efforts made at Bethpage Community Park were likely successful at returning the topsoil diversity to normal. The current project aims to continue this investigation by examining the areas of Bethpage Senior High School in spur of the recent news of radium found in the groundw


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