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Urban Barcode Project
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Wildlife & health
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The Tolerance to SO2 of Different Bryophytes and its Effects on Coloration
Haocheng (Roger) Yang, Eric Bae
Tenafly High School,
Helen Coyle


Sulfur dioxide (SO2) is a harmful pollutant gas in the atmosphere, it is the most common type of gas in the SOX family. The largest producers of SO2 include industrial facilities, facilities, vehicles and other locomotives. Sulfur dioxide has also been known to contribute to acid rains, which damages the ecosystem by eroding away soil and other plants. Exposure to SO2 can cause irritation to nose, throat and causes coughing and shortness of breath. They are especially harmful to children as they develop respiratory symptoms and breathing problems when they get older if they become too exposed to SO2 pollutions. Bryophytes have been known to be an indicator for presence of SO2 , in this study samples of random bryophytes will be collected from various locations that range from traffic heavy areas to natural areas with little human activities. The species of each sample will be determined through DNA barcoding, samples of same species but different locations will be compared to determine


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