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Barcode Long Island
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Biodiversity of Mosses: North Shore vs South Shore
Abigail Erickson, Katherine Bencivenga
Babylon Junior Senior High School,
Andrew Sheltz


The collection of mosses in this project will show the biodiversity of mosses between the south shore and the north shore of Long Island. The places we will be collecting samples from are Babylon, Glen Cove, Greenport, Huntington, Long Beach, and Southampton. In order to cover a large area of Long Island. Three of locations are located on the south shore, and the other three locations are located on the north shore. A very small piece of DNA will be extracted at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory from each sample, and putting it in small tubes that will be carefully labeled. When extracting the DNA, we will use precautions to avoid the possibility of cross contamination such as, switching gloves when collecting every sample and sterilizing the scissors used to help cut the sample out of the ground. A lysis solution will be added to the tubes containing the samples to break up the DNA, and then the samples will be grinded up to separate the DNA. We will then go to Cold Spring Harbor Laborato


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