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Microbiome Analysis of Water with Different Salinities on the South Shore of Long Island
Nicolette Nigro, Shannon Lafferty
West Islip High School, Suffolk
Mary Kroll


A microbiome is the habitat in which various microorganisms live. DNA barcoding can be used to identify the types of microorganisms present in a specific location or ecosystem. It was hypothesized that similar bacteria would be found in the freshwater and brackish habitats and similar bacteria in the saltwater and brackish habitats due to their natural mixing. It was also hypothesized that there could be pathogenic bacteria in these waters due to the abundance of wildlife. Water samples were filtered through membranes, DNA was extracted, the 16S rRNA gene was amplified by PCR, and its presence was verified through gel electrophoresis before sending the samples for Illumina sequencing. After the results came back, Jupyter Notebook was used to place the data into charts where the most abundant microorganisms are shown. Some microorganisms have the potential to be pathogenic to the habitat they were found in and possibly to humans. These microorganisms are still being researched in order


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