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DNA Barcoding Unidentified Plants At Carpenters Farm Park
Gretel Huber, Colby goldsmith
Walt Whitman, Suffolk
fred feraco


Invasive plants have been regrowing at Carpenters Farm Park after attempts to rid invasive plants and regrow native species. Many invasive plants that are spouting are unknown to the curator of Carpenters Farm Park. Carpenters Farm Park originally was a horse farm, but about two years ago was changed into a park. When the park was still a horse farm the hay they would bring for the animals would hold invasive plant seeds causing the spread of invasives to the park. Now invasives like Elaeagnus umbellata aka autumn olive, Rosa multiflora aka multiflora rose, and Ailanthus altissima aka the tree of heaven are replacing the native species that live at the park. After taking a tour of Carpenter’s Farm Park and getting information from Julie Sullivan, volunteer coordinator, invasive plants sub-committee, conservation board, five samples of unknown plants growing in a small fenced area were taken to be tested in order to discover what species are growing in the park. Using DNA barcoding th


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