Barcode Long Island
Educator Workshop

The Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory DNA Learning Center is an approved Sponsor of Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE).

Teachers are eligible to attend a summer training workshop if they teach a high school science class or research program. Teachers must attend a five-day DNA barcoding workshop before they may mentor teams for BLI. They must successfully mentor student teams before they can attend the metabarcoding workshop.

In the DNA barcoding workshop, participants will be introduced to the project, learn all the biochemical and bioinformatics techniques required for DNA barcoding, and learn how to mentor student barcoding teams. Each workshop is six hours a day for five days. Teachers who complete this workshop will be invited to organize student teams, who will carry out all aspects of DNA barcoding research during the school year. Teachers who attended a week-long training workshop in previous summers may not register to attend the barcoding workshop a second time.

Teachers who have already attended a week-long training workshop and have successfully completed at least one year in the program with student teams are invited to attend a four-day metabarcoding workshop at the DNALC this summer. This workshop will introduce metabarcoding approaches that let students explore biodiversity in complex samples. Moving from DNA barcoding to metabarcoding perfectly embodies the conceptual transition from single gene to massively parallel genome analysis, introducing students to Next Generation Sequence (NGS) analysis and data science. In a typical experiment, DNA is isolated from sterile swabs or material from different environmental locations. PCR is used to amplify a barcode region, such as the 16S or 12S ribosomal RNA genes, and NGS reads are used to identify the variety and abundance of species in samples. Participants at this workshop will be invited to mentor students with metabarcoding projects.

There are no workshops scheduled at this time.