Urban Barcode Project
Educator Training

Teachers are eligible to attend the training workshop if they teach a high school science class or a science research program in the New York metropolitan area.

Participants will be introduced to the DNA barcoding laboratory investigation and bioinformatics infrastructure. Teachers who complete this workshop are invited to organize student teams and propose projects.

Once trained, teachers register on the barcoding portal on this site to enter student research teams in grades 9 to 12. Teams must develop an original research proposal following the proposal guidelines and teachers upload them to the portal where they are reviewed by BLI staff. Staff feedback can be incorporated, and revised proposals can be submitted by project deadlines.Teams with accepted proposals will receive supplies, equipment, and scientific support needed to conduct experiments. Program data will contribute to a distributed effort to generate a "big picture" of Long Island's many ecosystems and diverse living things. Results will be shared at an annual symposium.

2017 Summer Workshop

August 21–25
9:30 am–2:30 pm
Harlem DNA Lab
John S. Roberts Educational Complex (J.H.S. 45)
2351 First Avenue (at 120th Street)
East Harlem, New York 10035